Jacob Rees-Mogg gets boned: protestor Ian Bone is an anarchist, so why is he being associated with Corbyn?



The increasing desperation to sustain an anti-Corbyn narrative has taken yet another tragic turn, this time in the wake of a protest outside the house of Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Admittedly, Corbyn supporters shouting at a political opponent’s kids wouldn’t be a good look.  There is, however, one slight problem: the protestor in question is Ian Bone, the public face of anarchist group ‘Class War.’

Anarchist groups, generally speaking, aren’t exactly notorious for their faith in the transformative potential of democratic socialist political parties… As these Class War banners show, they aren’t exactly Corbyn’s biggest fans.

That’s not to say that Bone hasn’t had some rather fantastic moments in the past. Take for example this is gem where he told New Labour darling, Harriet Harman, she should be tried as a war criminal.

However, the small detail that Bone is an anarchist with no affiliation to Corbyn, hasn’t deterred the usual suspects from retweeting the incident with all the righteous indignation of Ned Flanders wife.

The obvious subtext of their sentiments documented below being ‘this incident is symptomatic of Corbynism.’ It fits into a growing body of hysterical centrist polemics, all united by a unique centrist pomposity that laments the rise of ‘populism’ ( Translation: democratic participation) and the apparent mindless ‘anger’ of the public ( Translation: public protests against economic oppression).

Corbyn’s estrangement to Bone aside, it is telling that ‘moderates’ who supported tory welfare cuts and condemned millions of children to poverty, only care about the welfare of children when their sacred rules of political civility are violated and provide them with a weapon to attempt to damage their opponents with.

As such, this latest Rees-Mogg incident provides centrists with further proof of their self-serving narrative (/delusional religious prophecy) that the forces of Corbynism are leading the country to political nihilism. The elitist overtones of this are nauseating; demanding we take heed of their enlightened warnings and re-bestow upon them the political authority they believe is rightly theirs.










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